This is a closed site for Travel Industry employees and companions. If you are not a travel industry employee your claim may be declined

Who is eligible for Easyway Insurance?

  • All Airline Employees
  • IATA accredited travel agency
  • IATA accredited Freight Forwarder
  • Members of TIA (Tourism Industry Association)
  • Members of TAANZ (Travel Agents Association of New Zealand)
  • TECNZ (Tourism Export Council NZ) Inbound and Allied Members
  • Retired Employees
  • Travelling Companion (Means a person with whom You have made arrangements before Your policy was issued, to travel with You for at least 75% of Your Journey)
  • Close Relative (Means Your spouse, de facto partner, civil union partner, fiancé(e), parent, parent-in-law, step parent, child, step child, foster child, son and daughter-in-law, sibling, brother and sister-in-law, half or step brother or sister, grandparent, or grandchild)

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Annual Premium


$NZ 189 per Adult

Family Plan

$NZ 378 per Family

(2 Adults plus dependent children under 21 years old
Dependent children under 21 years of age or grandchildren under 21 years of age, plus up to one other non-related dependent child under 21 years of age, travelling with an insured person are covered at no additional charge. Their policy benefits will be shared within the travelling insured person’s policy limits.

Short Duration Premium

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